St. Ann’s Bay Blueberry Festival

The 2016 St. Ann’s Bay Blueberry Festival will take place Saturday, August 13, 2016 beginning at 8:00 am. at the St. Ann’s Bay United Church – Celtic Tea Room, 46715 Cabot Trail, Indian Brook.

The day begins with a Blueberry Breakfast  from 8:00 am. -10:00 am with Pancakes, bacon, Tea/Coffee/Juice for $8.00.  At 10:00 am Blueberry desserts will be available. A Flea Market will be held beginning at 8:00 am.  A BBQ and french fries will be available at 11:00 am.

Celtic Tea Room Ceilidhs

The Celtic Tea Room Ceilidhs July,  August and September Schedule for 2016.   Celtic Tea Room is located at St. Ann’s Bay United Church, 46715 Cabot Trail, Indian Brook.  Doors open at 7:00 pm.  All Concerts  begins at 7:30 pm.  Admission $10.00

July 2016

July 8 –  Brid Harper & her group Luagcadh
July 12 – Mike Barron & Adam Young
July 15 – Anita MacDonald, Ben Miller and Tyson Chen
July 19 – Paul O’Shaughnessy & Hilda Chiasson
July 22 – Kyle & Sheamus MacNeil
July 26 – The Poe Trio
July 29 – Laura Smith & Kim Dunn

August 2016
August 2 – Ellen Gibling and Erin Dempsey
August 5 – Colin Grant and Scott MacMillan
August 9 – Dara Smith and Adam Young
August 12 – The Narrows
August 19 – Kimberley Fraser and Aaron Lewis
August 26 – The Dubinsky Family
August 30 – All Fired Up

September 2016
September 2 – Rocky Shore
September 9 – Stewart and Lucy MacNeil
September 16 – Donnie Campbell




Broadband & Internet Speeds

“Victoria County is pleased to announced it will be updating its Broadband strategy in 2016”, says Paul MacNeil, Councillor District 1, and chair of Economic Development Committee.

MacNeil states “the gap between urban/rural divide is widening in broadband, and technology has changed dramatically since the last strategy was developed.”

A sub-committee for Broadband was formed involving Gerard MacNeil, former Rural Broadband NS project officer, Paul MacNeil Councillor District 1, Larry Dauphinee, Councillor District 6, Ron MacNeil, Broadband Consultant, and Tom Wilson, Broadband Co-ordinator for Victoria County.

“Broadband is an important part of our infrastructure which will help us improve & compete in the global economy, “ says Warden Bruce Morrison, Municipality of the County of Victoria.

Victoria County will begin a two step process to acquire current and relevant data for Broadband. The County is asking residents to complete an online Broadband survey of 8 questions. The second step of the process is to get a clearer picture of Broadband speeds throughout Victoria County by doing a speedtest using a website site called 

For more information visit



August Performance – St. Ann’s Bay Players

St. Ann’s Bay Players celebrates its 35th Anniversary with two plays in 2015 – Still Game and Jesus Christ Murdeeena.

Still Game
A hilarious, exquisitely dry, and sometimes down and dirty Gaelic-wit comedy featuring pensioners Jack and Victor and other colourful Scottish pub patrons. Murdock MacDonald and George Dauphney bring storytelling to life, joined by an assembly of St. Ann’s Bay Players, who in 2015 celebrate their 35th anniversary.

Jesus Christ Murdeena by Lyn Coady
Local writing comes to life with rich characters and great humour. What happens to a small village in Cape Breton when a young woman decides to take up walking? Hilarity ensues.

**Some strong language used

Performance dates are : August  6, 7,  13, 14,  20, 21   at 7:30 p.m.   Gaelic College. Tickets $20 at 295-3441, at the door, or on-line at