Broadband & Internet Speeds

“Victoria County is pleased to announced it will be updating its Broadband strategy in 2016”, says Paul MacNeil, Councillor District 1, and chair of Economic Development Committee.

MacNeil states “the gap between urban/rural divide is widening in broadband, and technology has changed dramatically since the last strategy was developed.”

A sub-committee for Broadband was formed involving Gerard MacNeil, former Rural Broadband NS project officer, Paul MacNeil Councillor District 1, Larry Dauphinee, Councillor District 6, Ron MacNeil, Broadband Consultant, and Tom Wilson, Broadband Co-ordinator for Victoria County.

“Broadband is an important part of our infrastructure which will help us improve & compete in the global economy, “ says Warden Bruce Morrison, Municipality of the County of Victoria.

Victoria County will begin a two step process to acquire current and relevant data for Broadband. The County is asking residents to complete an online Broadband survey of 8 questions. The second step of the process is to get a clearer picture of Broadband speeds throughout Victoria County by doing a speedtest using a website site called 

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